About Us
YET Language Services
 is an outstanding translation company located in Istanbul, Turkey providing translation and interpretation services for all spoken languages of the globe. We are a young and dynamic company which internalize years of experience, create reliable and professional solutions for the translation and interpreting sector, and offer quality service taking into consideration the requests and requirements of customers. With our experienced translator/interpreter staff, we offer not only translation services for our customers but also consolidate relationships between companies and individuals with our localization service.

We, under the name of YET Language Services, offer translation and localization of technical, legal, medical, academic, commercial, public, private, literary and advertising texts; notary-certified translation of your contracts and other valuable documents and translation of printed and visual media like web sites, catalogues, brochures, films and television series. In addition to text translation, our conference interpreters will assist you with simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during your conferences, and whispered interpreting in your personal contacts.

We offer translation services for all spoken languages of the globe including all European languages like French, German and Italian; Far Eastern languages like Chinese and Japanese; Balkan languages; Central Asian and Arabic languages and Scandinavian languages as well. We provide high quality service with fair prices to meet the customer satisfaction. Thanks to our customer satisfaction policy, we do not only provide service to the sector leaders in Turkey, but also provide service to many companies in the world. Our main goal is to provide high quality translation and interpretation elsewhere, in any field and in any language. You may call YET anytime, whether to translate a short advertising sentence or to rely on us for a multi lingual medical mega conference. Our services are available 24/7. YET’s priority in interpreting projects is to assign the right interpreter qualified for the right job.

Conference and other types of interpreting (consecutive, whisper, etc.) require not only special abilities but also perfect knowledge of both source and target languages and competency in the related terminology. Interpreters are obliged to read and improve themselves to keep their general knowledge updated and YET’s interpreters are always evaluated and educated according to YET Quality Criteria to provide the best service to our clients. We work with superior and qualified professionals who have graduated from the prestigious universities in Turkey and around the world.

YET developed and adopted a three –step translation process involving translators, editors and project managers. Our qualified translators focus on translation projects to create the best, editors concentrate on variety and structure of the project and our field editors focus on field terminology if needed, project managers focus on client and industry preferences and delivery times. Our translation agency is dedicated to multilingualism to be the best supplier in every language and in every field. Working with many leading firms from different sectors engaged in translation to- day, YET Consultation Services has proven its quality and expertise with its translation/ interpreting services in all fields and languages.