On Literature Translation Criticism

Simultaneous translation is a really difficult job and requires skill. Its education is quite painful but later you have a job in which you learn something new and meet new people every day.

In order to be a good simultaneous interpreter it is necessary to understand the target audience very well, are you addressing to doctors in a medical meeting or the children who attend an event with the leading actor of a TV series for children? The language used becomes important at that point. In order to be a good simultaneous interpreter it is also necessary to meet the requirements of oral translation such as proper intonation, articulation, fluent and clear speaking, right pronunciation, sectorial terminology, well and developed experience, being up to date, harmonization with cabin friends, control over the speed of translation and voice level and note taking ability during translation.

Moreover, controlling your excitement is of vital importance to be a good simultaneous interpreter. Excessive excitement can distract your attention and prevent you to keep your intonation on the desired level. Especially the interpreters who are or will be translating before the cameras may be required to get training on excitement. Another point that simultaneous interpreters should consider is controlling the time in big cities like Istanbul. They should go to the venue earlier and use the time reasonably and thus they would not risk the meeting.


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