“Many people think that doing translation is an easy thing and it can be successfully done by translating words from a language into another language. But when you start to do this job really, you will see that doing translation is not such an easy thing. Doing translation is a very complex job and it really requires talent. To translate the feelings, excitements and thoughts in a text into another language requires professional translator skills. Today, getting translations done is very easy by the way of translation sites on the internet and translation agencies. But nevertheless, it is questionable if every translator’s translation is confidential or not. In this article, I will share tips about interpretation and written translation.

The most important points of interpretation

Maybe the most difficult ability of the translation and interpretation job is doing simultaneous translation. In order to achieve this, the person who does simultaneous translation has to give importance to the below mentioned points.

  1. Having a wide knowledge and vocabulary knowledge,
  2. Analyze the meaning and importance of the speech which will be translated,
  3.  Presume the most critical parts of the text if s/he is doing a speech text translation,
  4.  Having wide and rich dictionary knowledge. Also, rapid comprehension, intelligence and fluency have a great importance.

What should you do in order to be a good translator?

  • You should put yourself in the place of the talking person and make sentences according to him/her.
  • You should know the main idea of the speech. This will also affect your translation commentary.
  • You should explain the meaning of special vocabularies and terms.
  •  You should develop a friendship with the simultaneous translator of the other side and help each other.
  •  You should be careful about the pronunciation of each word and keep them in mind.
  • You should shortly summarize the speech at the end and tidy yourself up.
  • You should give fast reactions and do special trainings in order to do translations under pressure.
  • Be fascinated with the environment you are in and never be attached on small mistakes.

The most important points of written translation

Written translation is a more complex and special type of translation than the other ones. There is no need for fast reaction. There are many choices like, thinking, planning, selecting the best word variables, looking up the dictionary, consulting a specialist.  Carrying the rhythm and esthetics of the source language is the most important ability and necessity like it is in the other translation branches. While doing this you shouldn’t go away from the main text.

The most important written translation rules are listed below

  • Translate the meaning of the sentence not the words!
  • Rely on your instinct and feelings. Intuitional approaches give positive results in difficult text translations. Because, even if our languages are different we carry the common value judgments and thought system of humanity in our brain.
  • If the translation is in a foreign language, let someone who is a specialist in this language or speaks it as his/her mother tongue read your translation.
  • Do not accept translations which are over your ability. Ability and expertise is an aspect which develops in time. Not speaking a language very well does not mean that you cannot do good translations.
  • The most important clue to do good translation is to give attention to your work and make time for your work!”

  We have dealt with Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation in our previous article.

Please share your opinions and suggestions about our article with us.

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